Lesson plans Friday, February 21, 2020


Left/Right Combination

Round Kick – practice forward and rear leg; with forward leg, discuss options of stepping into the kick v. switch kick, and practice both

Combo #1K and 2K (left/right round kick and left/right/left round kick)

Choke from Behind with a Push

Drill: eyes closed; attacker either pushes from the front and defender makes combo #2 OR the attacker makes Choke from Behind with a Push



Focus Mitts: Left/Right/cover v. right hook/Right

Focus Mitts: Left/Right/Left Hook/cover v. left hook/Left Hook

Defensive Front Kick

Side Positions and Strikes

Arm Lock from Side Control

Drill: light Defense Front Kick to opponent’s body (no pad); opponent falls down; defender drops into Side Control, makes some strikes, then makes Arm Lock.



Thai Pads – 3 rounds of 2 minutes, : 30 second rest

Ground – Hands Pinned Together (snow angel)

Ground – Hands Pinned Together Above Head (trap and roll)

Ground – Arm Triangle

Ground – Leg Triangle

Drill: light ground sparring

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