Lesson Plans Friday, December 21, 2018

Beginner Class (B3) Palm Heel Strikes (from mount)
Knees Drill: Groups of 2; Striker; Palm Heel Strikes (from mount) on pad holders signal “UP!” strikers quickly stands up and works Knees on pad; on pad holders signal “Down!”, striker mounts and continues with Palm Heel Strikes.
Choke from Front (1 handed)
Choke from Behind with a push
Drill: Monkey in the middle drill- non-stop strikes and self-defense. Make it intense.

Intermediate Class (D3)
Round Kick Low (quick review)
Heel Kick
Combo: Forward Leg Heel Kick, Back Leg Round Kick, Jab, Cross
Reflexive Defense v. Front Kick
Outside Defense v. Front Kick
Choke from Front against the wall
Drill: Eyes closed; defend Front Kick OR Choke

Advanced Class (D3)
Hip Throw
Drill: Level 1 & 2 techniques; Hip Throw when possible
Gun from Front
Gun to the Side of the Head
Gun – from behind at a distance
Drill: Monkey in the middle drill + Push ups: non-stop Gun attacks and Strikes. On instructors signal down, defender drops down and does 5 Push ups while others are SAFELY bumping him/her with pads and yelling.

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