Lesson Plans Friday, August 8, 2014

Beginner Class (A2)
Front Kick Vertical Target
Combo: Front Kick Vertical Target/Knee
Choke from Behind with a push

Resistance Drill: attacker makes Choke from Behind with aPush; defender defends; attacker steps away and throws a 360 attack; defender defends and continues with counterattacks

Intermediate Class (C2)
Focus Mitts: 3 rounds x 2 minutes each
Outside Slap Kick
Inside Slap Kick
Inside Defense v. Left/Right
Defense v. High Round Kick (2 & 3 points)
Defense V. High Round Kick (Covering)
Drill: defender eyes closed, defend Left/Right straight punches or High Round Kicks
Ground- Arm Bar from Guard

Advanced Class (C2)
Thai Pads- 2 rounds x 5 minutes each- Opposite Stance; combos, kicks, sprawls, knees and elbows, on instructors signal “Down” the striker gets on the ground and pad holder mounts striker; striker must improve position; get up and continue working combinations on the thai pads.
Gun from Front Review
Gun from Behind (touching)
Long Gun from the Front- Live Side
Knife- off angle upward stab (live and dead side)
Drill: Eyes closed, any of these weapons

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