Lesson Plans Friday, April, 24, 2025

Beginner (B1)
Straight Punch with Advance
Straight Punch with Retreat
Drill: pad holder starts at punching range, moves deliberately forward or back; puncher must react with an advance or retreating punch
Front Kick
Headlock from Behind
Drill: pad holder moves around the room, offering targets for front kick, or straight punch with advanced; at the same time assign 2-3 attackers to move around, giving headlock from behind to the strikers at random

Intermediate (B1)
Muay Thai Pads
Round 1- Cross, Hook, 2 Right Round Kicks, Right Knee
Round 2- Cross, Hook, Cross, 2 Left Round Kicks, Left Knee
Round 3- Put the two combos together (Cross, Hook, 2 Right Round Kicks, Right Knee,
Cross, Hook, Cross, 2 Left Round Kicks, Left Knee)
360 with counters
Drill: Groups of 3, Thai pads; Basic combos on pads, attacker; makes a 360 attack.
Choke from Front Against Wall

Advanced (B1)
Thai Pads- Opposite Stance- 3-1 Minute rounds- Non stop combinations
Jumping spinning Back Kick
Full Nelson- Finger Strip
Axe defense v. overhead
Drill: defender works combinations on pads, attacker makes either a Full Nelson attack or Axe defense v. overhead.

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