Lesson Plans Friday, 15, 2015

Beginner (B2)

Palm Heel Strikes

Drill: 3 rounds of :30 seconds; :15 seconds rest between rounds- Non-stop Palm heel strikes

Font Kick Vertical Target


Drill: Combo- Front Kick VT/Knee- 3 rounds; 5X right side, 5X left side, 5 burpees

Headlock from Behind

Drill: Non-Stop Palm Heel Strikes; defend Headlock from Behind


Intermediate (B2)

Warm Up: Focus Mitts- 1 round of 5 minutes- Basic combinations

4 Punches moving forward- Combo- Jab/Cross

4 Punches moving back- Combo- Cross/Hook

Bobbing/weaving/Slipping Punches


  • Jab/Cross/ Slip to the right/Cross/Hook
  • Cross/Hook/Slip to the left/Jab/Cross

Drill: Build movement combination- Move forward- Jab/Cross/ Slip to the right/move back/Cross/Hook/Slip to the left/Jab/Cross

Reverse Headlock from Standing


Advanced (B2) 

Thai Pads- Opposite stance- 2-5 Minute Rounds; add a Round Kick/Knee strike after every combination – 5 Jumping Knee Tuck during rest.

Chops (inside and outside)

Focus Mitts:

  • Combination 1: Inside Chop (left hand) /Right Cross/Right Elbow
  • Combination 2: Inward Chop (Right Hand)/Left Uppercut/Right Cross

Gun from the Behind (touching)

Gun from the side, in front of the Arm










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