Lesson Plans February 25, 2012

Front Kick to a Vertical Target
Combo: Front Kick Vertical Target, Knee (using same leg)
Basic Takedown Defense
Combo: Front Kick Vertical Target, Knee, partner with pad then pushes forward, defender makes Basic Takedown Defense to maintain balance and control.
Knife – Downward Stab (review from earlier this week)

Focus mitts — Right Uppercut/Left Hook
Basic Takedown Defense – Spinning on the Centerline
Combo: pad holder with focus mitts shoots in, defender Spins on Centerline, and then makes Right Uppercut/Left Hook (practice slowly at first, so the pad holder learns how to move and hold).
Ground – Trap and Roll
Ground – Side Elbow Escape
Drill: 3 people; defender on his back, the attacker makes a full mount; the defender must improve his position either through Trap and Roll or Side Elbow Escape (if he can get to half guard, that is good enough); the third person holds a pad AND COUNTS THE NUMBER OF SECONDS IT TAKES FOR THE DEFENDER TO SUCCEED; the defender then jumps up and must punch for that number of seconds, then drop down and repeat. Do several rounds. It can be brutal.

Punches to warm up
Drill: 3 people; defender makes combatives to a pad, and then defends against Headlock from Behind or Bearhug from Behind.
Knife – kick v. stabs
Knife – Downward Stab; if the class is advanced enough, emphasize left handed attackers and defending on the dead side.

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