Lesson Plan Monday July 29, 2013

Left/Right combination
Front Kick Groin
Introduce Sprawls
Drill: Partner calls out even number of punches and front kicks; striker makes that many punches/Kicks; on Instructors command, sprawl get up and continue.
Choke from the Front
Drill: Eyes closed; Attacker make choke from front or bump defender with pad; Hold for Kicks or Straight Punches

Straight Punches to Focus Mitts
Hook Punch
Defense v. Hook Punch (Covering)
Round 1- Disturbing Drill: defender covers and absorbs while pad holder hits with focus Mitts: on command, defender makes L/R combination, then immediately covers as the partner hits with focus Mitts again.
Round 2-Basic Combination, include sprawls, at any given time during the drill, pad holder makes a Hook punch at the striker, striker makes the covering defense.
HeadLock from Side
Drill: Groups of 3; disturbing drill as above and include Headlock from the Side.

Belt Drill- 30 Seconds- 45 Seconds-60 Seconds (20 Seconds rest between each round)
Spinning Heel Kick
1 Round of 2 minutes- Light Sparring
Machine  Gun Takedown
Gun from the Front
Advanced Gun- from front, assailant pushing, slapping, Kicking

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