Lesson Plan Friday 23, 2014

Left/Right Combination
Front Kick to a Vertical Target
Round Kick
Combination: Sprawl/Front Kick Vertical Target/Round Kick/Left/Right Combination
Choke from Behind
Headlock from Behind
Drill: React to either Choke or Headlock from Behind
Bobbing/weaving/slipping punches
Focus Mitt Combination- Left/Right/Bob and weave/Right/Left hook/Right Cross
Ground- Arm Bar
Ground- Guard Reversal
Inside Defenses with Counterattacks
Drill: groups of three; one person starts on the ground with attacker in guard; the defender must reverse positions and get up, then defend straight punches from a second attacker; if the defender does not get up in time, both attackers should pummel him (lightly) until he succeeds in getting up.
Spinning Heel Kick-Practice both sides
Gun from Behind- touching
– do the same technique while holding objects
– do the same technique while being walked
Knife-defense v. downward stab
Drill: defender eyes closed, mix gun from behind or knife


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