Lesson Plans Thursday, February 9

John Whitman
February 9, 2012

Front kick vert target
Groin kick
Drill: partner moves around with large pad, holds for front kick vertical target or groin kick
Ground position (back) and movement
Ground: getting up
Ground : front kick
Ground: round kick
Drill: movement, kick, get up, give front kick vert target

Focus mitts -- basic work, three 2-minute rounds (be sure to include hooks)
Defense v. Hook (extended)
Defense v. Hook (covering)
Ground: Choke from Full Mount
Ground: Elbow Escape from Full Mount

After warm up, do the following drill:
Drill: "Bump Drill" -- partner in fighting stance; shoot in, at slight angle, as though for a double leg takedown, but just "bump" your partner so you feel the impact; be sure your hips are close, as though for a proper takedown. Be sure to do both sides.
Thai Pads: right uppercut/left hook/right cross/left round kick
left hook/right cross/left hook/right round kick
Pad holder call combinations, sometimes shoot in to "bump"; test striker's speed in recoiling kicking leg
Knife Downward Stab
Knife Upward Stab (if time)

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