Lesson Plans Thursday, April 25, 2013

John Whitman
April 25, 2013

-L&R Straight Punches
-L&R Straight Punches while on full mount
Drill: Ground, Pound & Drag drill
(Please see video)
Ground- Movement
Drill: 2ppl
Defender-Ground Back Position
Attacker- Scrambles around to flank defender
Defender- Move around to prevent the attacker from flanking you. Goal is to keep your feet between you and the attacker
Ground Round Kick
* Point to discuss- Defender was a bit slow and attacker was able to flank them. Therefore, defender executes a round kick as they transition.
Self Defense:
Head Lock from Behind
Advance technique:
Gun From Behind
Drill: Disturbance/Self Defense/4-5ppl
1 attacker/ 1 Defender/2-3 Pad holders
-Defender in the middle
-Pad holders- bump, shove defender, at the same time, yell, shout and create chaos
-Attacker- at any given time, attack with either Head Lock from behind or Gun from behind
-Defender- Hands up for protection, weather the storm, make the appropriate defense as soon as attacked..

Thai Pads:
- Jab, Cross, Hook, Back leg Round Kick
- Cross, Hook, Cross, Switch Round Kick (forward leg)
-Rear leg knee strike, Hook to the body, Hook to the head, cross
-put it together
Inside Defense with counter v. Left punch (live side)
Inside Defense with counter v. Right punch (one counter)
Forward Roll
Drill: Focus Mitts
Striker- non-stop straight punches
Instructor calls out a number of forward rolls (2-5)
Striker-Once you hear the number, start your forward rolls
(*Be sure to stay in front of your partner)
-When done, get up and continue punching
Self Defense:
Choke from Behind Against the Wall
Drill: 3ppl/Defender/ Attacker
Choke from behind
Defender-Strong and aggressive defense, get off the wall and advance towards pad holder, non-stop front kicks to the groin till pad holder calls "time".
Pad Holder-Move anywhere in the room

Focus Mitts:
-Round1- Basic Combinations- at the end of every combo, add a sprawl, 2 push ups and 2 sit throughs
-Round 2-Basic Combinations- at any given time, Pad holder says "Down", striker-gets on their back and pad holder straddles striker.. Basic Combos from the ground.
-Pad holder- says up, striker- stand up, opposite stance
-Round 3- Power Shots
Pad holder- call out a single technique (ie: Cross, Hook etc...)
Striker- Deliver the technique fast and strong, 2x
** Think Knock Out Power**
Self Defense:
Gun to the side of the head
Gun from the side, behind the arm
Drill: Monkey in the Middle
Gun from Front
Gun from Behind
Gun to the side of the Head
Gun from the side, Behind the Arm

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