Lesson Plans Monday, April 8, 2024

John Whitman
April 8, 2024

Straight punch with advance
Straight punch with retreat
Round kick
Movement drill: using Thai pads or striking shield, striker pushes pad holder across the length of mat. Power jab/rear leg round kick, power cross/lead leg round kick with step.
Choke from the front with a push
Drill: defender starts in neutral position with eyes closed. Attacker either gives choke from the front with push, or hard push to chest with tombstone to create distance. On the push, the defender delivers an advancing straight punch and advancing round kick then resets.

Review straight punches and inside defenses (high and low)
Forward headbutt
Focus mitt combos: add slips and inside defense. After slip, striker delivers a #6 or #7 combo to pads (cross/hook/cross, hook/cross/hook), also add headbutt variable - after last punch, grab the mitt, close range, and headbutt.
Inside defense w/counter vs. left punch
Inside defense w/counter vs. right punch (1 counter)
Inside defense w/counter vs. right punch (2 counters)
Light sparring - Round 1: only straight punches, controlled body contact. Round 2: boxing only, body contact only. Emphasize combos.

Warm up - review guard sweeps
Review standing guillotine defense (level 3)
Position drill: defender starts on ground with attacker in guard. The defender must break the attacker's posture and pull them down. Emphasize headlocks, underhooks, and using legs to pull attacker in. Repeat with light shoulder touching
Ground - leg triangle
Ground - guillotine
Ground - defense vs. guillotine
Repeat drill from above, but give the defender the option to get submission via leg triangle or guillotine.

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