Lesson Plans Friday, March 21, 2014

John Whitman
March 20, 2014

Beginner (A3)

L/R combination

Drill: Partner calls out even numbers (mostly 2, 4, 6) and striker makes that many punches, leading with the forward hand. At least twice during the round, the partner calls out a number higher than 10.

Front Kick to a Vertical Target

360 (various angles)

Choke from the Front (2-handed)

Drill: Front kicks to a vertical target, attacker; makes Choke form the Front or 360 attack from various angles

Ground- Back Position

Ground- Getting up

Intermediate (A3)

Focus Mitts-

Left Hook

Slipping/Bobbing and Weaving (Quick Review)

Combo: Jab, Cross, Hook, Cross

- Add- Bob and Weave/counter, Cross, hook, Cross

- Add- Slip to the Right, Cross, hook, Cross

Defense against Low Round kick (using Shin)

Defense against Round Kick (Absorbing)

Light Sparring Drill: Working on Recognition!

1 Striker/1 Defender (movement,  straight punches, Hooks and Round Kicks)

Defender- foot work (moving off angle, forward, back & side to side)

-Recognition- ( Bobbing and Weaving, and Defense against Low Round Kicks) No counters yet..

- Switch

After both sides have had a turn-

** Switch again and add counters**

Choke from Behind with a pull

Advanced (A3)

3 Round Drill

Thai Pad- Opposite stance- 2-5 minute rounds

Sliding Def. V. High Round Kicks

Sliding Def. V, Spinning Heel Kick

Stick- left handed attacker

Drill- defender eyes closed, Sliding Def. V. High Round Kick, Spinning Heel Kick or Stick-left handed attacker.








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