• Boots
  • Utility type trousers
  • Tactical style (rigger) under belt
  • Several T-shirts (moisture wicking under shirts are also recommended)
  • Sam Browne equipment belt, leather or nylon
    • Holster – we can provide Glock style training guns, but you need to ensure that you have a compatible holster. If you bring your own training pistol, bring a compatible duty holster
    • Magazine pouch (either for your own gun or Glock 9mm)
    • Handcuff case
    • Handcuffs
    • Pepper spray holder (spray and inert spray are provided)
    • Baton ring (baton is provided)
    • Radio pouch (we will be using replica radios for scenario training. If you don’t have a pouch, it’s not a huge deal, but it is good to have what your students have)
    • A high quality tactical flashlight, preferably a Surefire
  • Full fight gear. We will be training hard; you will get punched in the face and kicked in the groin
  • MMA style gloves
  • Personal pistol and appropriate gear, if you wish, although firearms will be provided for the range day
  • Eye and ear protection. It’s a mark of a professional to have your own. Posers use range rentals



  • Under Armour and OTB Jungle or Desert “lites” are in my opinion, the best for what we do
  • Original SWAT makes a less expensive alternative


  • Under Armour, Woolrich, EOTac, and Blackhawk Lightweight tactical trousers are great
  • Tru-Spec makes a fantastic trouser that is very affordable

Moisture Wicking Shirts

  • Under Armour are the standard
  • Tru-Spec makes a great alternative, as does Champion (at Target stores) if you can find a subdued color

Under Belt

  • Blackhawk makes several affordable models


  • Surefire 6p, 6Z, Nitrolon, etc.
  • Streamlight makes some good alternatives

Equipment Belt, holsters, pouches

  • Save yourself some heartache and buy Safariland or Bianchi
  • If money is an issue, Uncle Mikes works well enough
  • You should have at least a level 1 retention holster, but any holster will do provided that it is well built and can withstand the rigors of training

Eye and Ear protection

  • Mission Specific equipment! Professionals use professional grade safety equipment. If you would like professional, custom fit earplugs made, I will have the person come to the training site and make them for you right there

Contact Sepi Melamed at with any questions.