KM Alliance Open Policy

I’d like to state plainly to everyone that KM Alliance has established the Open Policy.  In fact, it’s one of the founding principles of the organization. The Open Policy simply means this:  affiliates have a right to be involved in other organizations. In fact, we encourage it.  From our point of view, school owners have two obligations: 1) to provide quality training to their students and 2) continually improve their own abilities and knowledge.

Nothing on that short list, that mandate, requires you to be slavishly devoted to the KM Alliance. In fact, that kind of exclusivity would hinder your ability to fulfill your mandate.  If anything, the obligation goes the other direction.  WE at Krav Maga Alliance are obligated to continually keep ourselves relevant to you, so you can achieve the abovementioned goals.

Of course, we want you to see us as your primary source of information. But as I just said, it’s our job to prove we deserve that recognition.  Your job is to seek as many sources of quality information as you can. If that means joining other organizations as well, you should do so!  In my view, that will make you better. The better you are, frankly, the better we are.

I mention this because I recently asked a question of an affiliate regarding his relationship with another organization. My question was more about logistics and curiousity than about politics, but I feel that I misled him, or made him feel cornered. That was not my intention.

Undoubtedly, this will come up again.  Politics run rampant through the martial arts world.  Now and then, when planning future events, or involving affiliates in high level programs, we’ll ask if they’re happy with us. It’s human nature. But we’ll never ask judgmentally.

We are proud of the way the organization has grown, and we’re honored to have you all as part of the Alliance!

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