First Teleconference Debrief

Hey everyone!

I wanted to give a short debrief of the first teleconference.  On a content-level, it went very well. James Hiromasa gave some great information regarding How To Run A Successful Intro Seminar, and he is more than willing to email documents to anyone who is interested!  Email him at for more info.

Logistically, we have some kinks to work out.  The invitation email that went out as Mountain Time instead of Pacific Time, and we didn’t realize this.  We’re sorry for any inconvenience!

Also, the email that goes out includes a key you have to enter to get into the teleconference.  Please keep this in mind when you plan to join!

We will work hard to make sure the instructions for the next conference are clear.

Finally, be aware that we are designing these to be both audio and video.  You are call in by telephone and listen…but those of you who wish to participate by computer will be able to see any documents or visuals that are shared.

Again, sorry for any difficulty. It’s a new system for us, and there are bound to be a few mistakes as we grow.

Thanks, and we hope you’ll join us next month for the next conference!

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