RevGear University Boston - StrikeFit Certification

StrikeFit Certification at RevGear University Boston

If you’re going to RevGear University in Boston on October 1 & 2, 2015, be sure to check out Krav Maga Alliance’s very own John Whitman’s StrikeFit® Certification.

Feel free to sign-up and take the course while you’re there!

Sign-up for RevGear University Boston by clicking here:

StrikeFit® is an exclusive heavy bag workout developed by John Whitman, owner of Alliance Training Center. This high energy kickboxing program isn’t just “cardio kickboxing.” StrikeFit® is an all-around workout that includes heavy bag and pad work combined with everything from kettlebells to medicine balls and plyometrics to wind sprints.

The StrikeFit® Certification will teach you how to put strike combinations together properly, get students motivated and most of all, have fun and get fit. Whether your students are pro athletes or beginners, all skill levels can participate and benefit from this all around workout. Students will leave the class drenched in sweat, feeling pushed to the limits but wanting more!

RevGear University Boston - StrikeFit Certification

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