Krav Maga University - March 2015

Krav Maga University Continues To Be A Huge Success!

Thanks to everyone in the Krav Maga Alliance who helped with a busy weekend!

Krav Maga University - March 2015While John Whitman was teaching a “Train the Trainer” certification in Barcelona, getting some of our instructors ready to join the Training Team, Tony Morrison in New York and Richard Swords in Atlanta were running simultaneous Krav Maga University events. These events are FREE Seminars for our instructors and KMA Affiliate owners to get updates on both business strategies as well as additional training in some refined techniques.

All our work this weekend was about maintaining our high standards and making training easier and more accessible for our affiliates. Thanks so much to everyone who attend and especially to those who helped out!

The Spring semester of Krav Maga University wraps up in Austin, TX on April 11, 2015. Register Here…

Speaking about great training in Texas, don’t forget to sign up for our KMA Business Collage, taking place place May 14-15 at STW Krav Maga in San Antonio, TX. This one isn’t free, but for only $99 you get two days of advanced business strategy and education from some great leaders in the martial arts space like:

  • Paul Garcia (owner and business coach, Martial Arts for Excellence)
  • John Whitman (founder, Krav Maga Alliance)
  • Paul Reavlin (owner, Revgear)
  • Pete Hardy (owner, STW Krav Maga)

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