KMA Force Message from Director Jeremy Stafford

For Warriors, By Warriors

Training and Certification for Today’s Armed Professional

When John Whitman approached me about becoming the Director of KMA Force, I have to admit, I wasn’t keen on it. Besides the fact that I wasn’t even part of the Alliance, I was fairly busy with my full time job as a Los Angeles Police Officer and my duties as the Lead Instructor for Simi Valley Krav Maga as well as Vindico Training Group. It wasn’t the bright flash of enlightenment that brought me around; it was the gradual realization that even though we weren’t part of the same organization, our approaches and our training concepts were just about identical. Together, the Alliance has the opportunity to transform the way Krav Maga’s life saving skills are delivered to the people who need them most: those that are sworn to defend us.

It begins with you, the Affiliate… We are embarking on a rigorous program of Civilian Law Enforcement and Military Certification that will enable you to confidently establish a Law Enforcement or Military program of your own. Would you like to approach your local agency about conducting seminars or classes? Good! We encourage it! After successfully completing our Civilian LEO/MIL Certifications, we are confident that not only will you be prepared to train today’s Peacekeepers and Warfighters; you’ll do a damn fine job of it. John and I don’t have the time nor do we have the inclination to conduct all of the Force training. We will give you the tools to do it and then get out of your way. We want you to grow the system the way it was meant to be grown — locally.

Several Affiliates have contacted me about KMA Force certifying some of their students that happen to be full time LEO/MIL. That course is now a reality and will be scheduled shortly. This will allow Affiliates to build their own KMA Force training cadre in order to expand their role in local Police and Military training. We will also continue to expand our program of agency instructor and operator certification, although our main focus is on you, the Affiliate.

Also, expect to see several other Certifications opening up soon. I am in the final stages of developing a Stress Based Firearms Instructor course that will allow you to provide a safe, realistic firearms training program for your own students. We teach them to take the firearm during the defense: it’s about time we taught them what they hell to do with it! There are also several other courses that are being developed to help you expand your business and to keep the training we provide at the cutting edge.

In order to ensure that the training and certification programs remain forward-thinking and relevant, we have instituted very strict guidelines for our “train the trainer” cadre. Every member of the KMA Force Mentor Instructor Cadre was handpicked by me and vetted by John. All are full time, Sworn LEO or Military. There are no exceptions to this rule. In addition, all hold the rank of at least Brown Belt in Krav Maga. Furthermore, all must have a significant amount of relevant field assignments, to include SWAT, Counter Terrorism, or high risk warrant service. Military members must have actual, verifiable Combat action.  Finally, all are Agency and POST certified instructors in related fields, including Arrest and Control, Firearms, and Tactics.  There are many “Krav Maga Force Trainers” that went through a week of training and got a shirt. These are not the people you’ll be learning from; you deserve better than that. At KMA Force we are dedicated to providing you with the tools to ensure the mission success of today’s warrior. From the Cop on the beat to the forward deployed Soldiers and Marines, we intend to live by our motto, “For Warriors, by Warriors”.



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