KM Alliance Announces New Force Director!

Krav Maga Alliance announced today that Jeremy Stafford has been named Director of the Krav Maga Alliance Force Division. As head of this division, Stafford will be responsible for developing and implementing training programs for law enforcement and military services under the Krav Maga Alliance banner.

Stafford’s credentials are impeccable. He is a Black Belt in Krav Maga and is the lead instructor at Simi Valley Krav Maga in Simi Valley, California as well as the President of Vindico Training Group, a full service tactical and firearms training company. He has been an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department for 13 years, where he has served as a Field Training Officer, a Narcotics Investigator, and a Counter Terrorism Operator. He currently works as a Senior Instructor in the Firearms and Tactics Section where he serves as a mentor instructor and works on program and curriculum development. Stafford has served in the U.S. Marine Corps, including a combat tour in Iraq, where he received a Bronze Star with a ‘V’ for valor.

John Whitman, founder of Krav Maga Alliance, believes Stafford will bring a whole new dimension to the Krav Maga Alliance’s programs. “We didn’t want to activate the Force Division unless we could make it great,” says Whitman. “But making it great meant having the right person in charge. Jeremy Stafford is that person.”

Jeremy added “Police Officer deaths are up 37 percent in just the last year and our Armed Forces are entering the 10th year of a Global War on Terror. All of this is happening in an environment of budget cuts and a reduction of manpower across the board. More and more is being asked of our nation’s warriors at home and abroad, and we intend to give them more. You can expect to see an aggressive program that not only addresses traditional defensive tactics, but also addresses the realities of moving from less than lethal force all the way up to and including lethal force. I am especially looking forward to working with our affiliates and small school owners, helping them to provide world class training on a local level.”

Krav Maga Alliance is expected to announce a schedule of upcoming law enforcement and military courses soon.

Krav Maga Alliance is a global network of Krav Maga school owners and instructors dedicated to making their communities safer through Krav Maga training for civilians, law enforcement, and military personnel. The organization’s headquarters is in Los Angeles, California, with affiliates around the United States and in eight countries around the world.

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