Italy Seminar – Instructor Training, Verbal Self Defense, and High Stress!

Last week, we ran several different seminars in Verona, Italy.  First, John Whitman trained with black belts Nicola Provolo, Giorgio Pannitto, and Bruno Corali. Then John trained a fantastic group of Italian instructors and certified them in Level 2.  Finally, Vivian Cannon, one of the few female black belts in the U.S. ran a seminar that combined physical training with verbal self defense, and ended with high stress scenarios where the defender attempted to de-escalate, but never knew if the attacker would become physical or not. The attacks included bear hugs, grabs, and knife threats.

There are over 90 people at the seminar, and everyone was fantastic. Thanks to Vivian Cannon for flying over to Verona.  Thanks to Giorgio Pannitto, Bruno Corali, and most especially to Nicola Provolo for organizing the seminar!

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