Info on Training Team Meeting In Vegas

We’ve been fielding a lot of inquiries about the Training Team meeting that will be held on Friday, October 12, in Las Vegas. Here are a few details to clarify.

The meeting is NOT a certification. It is an informational meeting that sets out expectations for those who are interested. There will be some training, but the purpose of the event is to update current members and give information to potential new candidates.

We will set a date for a Training Team certification after the October meeting.

Members of the Training Team do not certify their own instructors. We want every instructor candidate who goes through the Alliance process to be judged objectively, so even if you are on the Training Team, you need to send your people to a cert where another instructor can grade them.

Instructors on the Training Team have “train the trainer” status, which means they can help run certification courses. We ran a Training Team program 2 years ago. Since then, several Team members have run certifications, and a few have prepped new potential affiliates before those affiliates came to get certified.

There’s no cost to join the Training Team. If you are good enough, we want you on the Team. The Alliance is growing, and we need more people to help with certification courses.

The course is limited to Level 4 (blue belts) and above.

Please be aware that, for the moment, we run only a certain number of training courses, so teaching opportunities are limited. We can’t guarantee that you’ll help teach a certification immediately. But if you’re interested in taking your own teaching to the next level, this is your opportunity!

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