Davide Gristina - Krav Maga New York

Davide Gristina :: Instructor of the Month, April 2016

Davide Gristina - Krav Maga New York

Davide Gristina has been involved in martial arts for 20 years. He received his 2nd degree Black Belt from Krav Maga Alliance in 2011 and is Krav Maga New York’s principal, Chief Instructor and license holder.

Davide is also a business professional with more than 25 years experience in the field of infrastructure management, resource consumption and cost recovery services. He is the Chief Operating Officer and part owner of a NY City based firm that services class A commercial real estate owners, managers and operators. Having developed a unique method for the real time acquisition of energy data, Davide is recognized by the US Patent Office as an inventor under patent no. 7,069,161.

Check out Davide’s Krav Maga Gym, Krav Maga New York!

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