We provide training and certification in Krav Maga. Certifications are provided
in three levels. Each Certification is only 3 days long, HOWEVER, there are significant
prerequisites for each level.

There is a certification course for each Level of the Krav Maga Alliance curriculum. Participants who successfully complete each course to Alliance standards is authorized to teach the techniques in that level.

Certification Course Prerequisites:

  • Adequate knowledge of all techniques in that level
  • Demonstration of adequate fitness/conditioning

For each level, we will provide video segments demonstrating/discussing each
technique, and giving examples of the conditioning requirement for each level.

Video Submission

Prior to being accepted into a Certification course, each candidate must provide
a short video demonstrating the following:

  • 1 three minute round of focus mitt work (minimum of basic 1-4 combinations)
  • 1 three minute round of kicks, (front kicks, round kicks, and knees)
  • Short explanation of a choke defense from Level One. This does NOT have to be
    a complete teaching lesson. We are looking for basic ability to demonstrate the
    technique, speak in front of a
    camera/audience, and present information. The video should include the following:

    • Live, aggressive demonstration 3 times from three angles
    • Slow motion demonstration 3 times from three angles
    • Verbal description of the defense

Certification Process

  • Video application (prior to weekend)
  • Pre test – 2 hour pre-test comprised of conditioning/fitness test and demonstration
    of technique. This two hour period is designed to be intense and exhausting. It
    is also an opportunity for candidates to prove that they know the physical material.
    There will be NO surprises – all the necessary knowledge will be available beforehand.
    Candidates who do not know the techniques, or who cannot pass the conditioning portion,
    will not be considered for the rest of the weekend.
  • COMMENT ON TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE. Candidates do not have to be perfect prior to
    attending. We will help refine their technique during the weekend. But they must
    have a basic working knowledge of the technique; otherwise, these courses must be
    much longer.
  • Course Proper – after the pre-test, we will spend the next 2.5 days refining techniques,
    discussing teaching methodology and performing mock teaching.
  • Final Test – at the end of the course, candidates will undergo a final exam to
    prove their teaching abilities.
  • Documents/Certificates – candidates who successfully complete the course will
    receive a Certificate of Completion. This certificate, by itself, does not mean
    the candidate has been recommended as a teacher.
    It simply indicates completion of that level.
    The Certificate of Completion will contain the following levels:

    • Certificate – indicates completion of the course
    • Bronze Certificate – indicates a high level of teaching ability
    • Silver Certificate – indicates exceptional teaching ability
    • Gold Certificate – indicates extraordinary teaching ability

Note: most instructors who pass the test receive a Bronze rating.  This does not mean they are mediocre.  You cannot be mediocre and pass this certification!  It simply means that we reserve the Silver and Gold ratings for the very best people on their very best day. If you train with someone who has a Bronze rating, be happy.  It means they did very, very well on their exam!

Candidates who receive one ranking and wish to improve theirs will be provided
opportunities to do so. In some instances, candidates who complete the course may not receive a certificate
if they do not demonstrate at least a baseline knowledge and understanding during
the final test.

All Results Are Public

We are dedicated to transparency and an open source philosophy. Each trainer’s
status will be posted on our website.