The Krav Maga Alliance has over 130 affiliates across the United States, and 15 countries all over the world. We are one of the largest Krav Maga associations, and feature some of the highest ranking and most respected leaders in Krav Maga. More importantly, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Follow this link to our sign up page if you’re ready to enroll now, or Contact Us here on our website, via email at, or just give us a call at our Los Angeles, CA, USA headquarters: 310-558-8400.

Affiliation Benefits

  • Monthly Curricula and Daily Lesson Plans
  • Schedule for Midterms and Belt Tests
  • Intro and Sales Program to Increase Membership
  • Marketing Materials and Consulting (Photos, Fliers, Banners, Commercials, and More…)
  • Curricula for Seminars and Special Events
  • Free Social Media Consulting
  • Free Update Training Twice a Year in Multiple Locations Around the World!


Features of the Krav Maga Alliance:

KMA Force LogoKMA Force: Krav Maga Alliance’s Law Enforcement and Training division. These programs are taught by Krav Maga instructors who are also full time law enforcement officers. KMA Force military programs are run by Krav Maga instructors with military combat training and experience. There are many courses all year long, run by KMA Force, which are available to most of the students from our affiliates.

Hands, Body, FeetKrav Maga University:  Our no cost continuing education for Krav Maga Alliance Instructors, high level students, and program directors, Krav Maga University is where we go over technique and drill updates, and also business tips and strategies which include valuable insight to help your school, and business grow. Krav Maga University sessions are held in multiple affiliate locations twice per year.

Tony M picInstructor Certifications: We offer official certifications for instructors of all levels. As an affiliate of the Krav Maga Alliance, you will be given 1 Free Instructor Testing and Training per year. We also offer instructor certifications in our StrikeFit® heavy bag program and Next Generation Krav Maga Kids program.

John Whitman Talking to Krav Maga Alliance GroupBusiness Assistance: We have no cost ongoing support for your school via our Business Assistance benefits. Through exclusive expert partnerships, we will connect you with Marketing and Business experts, provide tips and suggestions to help your school earn more revenue, and even provide your school with a free one hour marketing consultation by an expert marketing agency.

Downward Off Angle KnifeDaily Lesson Plans and Curricula: We also offer Daily Lesson Plans available in our Affiliates-Only section of our website. These Lesson Plans are created for Beginning Classes, Intermediate Classes, and Advanced Classes. They include daily techniques to work on, as well as drills to help every class stay fresh and continue along a path to regular testing and student advancement. This added support helps maintain consistency in training across the Krav Maga Alliance.

StrikeFit - Erica Jump KickStrikeFit®: Our exclusive heavy bag workout. This high energy program isn’t “cardio kickboxing.” StrikeFit is an all-around workout that includes Krav Maga style heavy bag and pad work, combined with everything from kettle bells to medicine balls, plyometrics to wind sprints, and other Cross Training techniques. Have your instructors certified in StrikeFit, and help your students build stamina and strength, while the focus is on fun and fitness.

Next Generation classNext Gen Krav Maga for Kids: Next Generation Krav Maga is the premier children’s program for Self Defense, Fitness, and Life Skills for kids ages 6 to 8 and 9 to 12. This program gives kids every opportunity to excel in physical fitness, safety, and self improvement. We emphasize discipline, focus, and goal-setting. Every class also includes a “mat chat” to discuss life skills as well as self defense and fitness skills.

Krav Maga Alliance’s Founder

johnThe Krav Maga Alliance was created by John Whitman, a fifth degree black belt in Krav Maga. John is the former president of Krav Maga Worldwide, and has earned advanced instructor degrees from the Krav Maga Association of America, Krav Maga Worldwide, and the prestigious Wingate University in Israel. Whitman is also the first person to have earned a Senior Instructor diploma from Wingate, and has co-authored “Complete Krav Maga” and “Krav Maga for Beginners,” and is currently at work authoring an advanced Krav Maga book which will feature Black Belt techniques up to third degree, as well as new and improved Brown Belt techniques. John has trained thousands of civilians and hundreds of law enforcement and military personnel, including the Air Force’s Office of Special Investigations Anti-Terrorist Specialty Team.

To Affiliate Now or Learn More:

Follow this link to our sign up page if you’re ready to enroll now, or Contact Us here on our website, via email at, or just give us a call at our Los Angeles, CA, USA headquarters: 310-558-8400.