Lesson Plans Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Beginner (A3)

Palm Heel Strikes

Front Kick (groin)


Round 1: Palm Heel Strikes, pad holder calls any number 1-6, Striker throws that many palm strikes

Round 2: Add Front Kick (groin), pad holder call a number 1-4, Striker throws that many FKG

Round 3: + 2 frame-hold knees + Ground and Pound on instructor’s call of “DOWN!”–reset back to target recognition when instructor calls “TIME”

Drill: Diving for pads. Set pads in center of mat. Line up students equidistant from pad. Whoever touches it first on instructor’s call of “GO!” gets to be holder. Other person throws non-stop punches (or FKG) until instructor calls “TIME!” Play with distance, on stomach, on back, bear crawl to pad, army crawl, etc etc

Choke from the Front, 2 handed pluck

Drill: Diving for pads. Person who gets to pad first can hold for straight punches, FKG, or drop pad and apply Choke from the Front with a Push

Intermediate (C3)

Groups of 3: 1 pair of thai pads, 1 KS, 1 striker.

Round 1: Free work on thai pads. KS holder can verbal cue for Hammerfist to the Side followed up by 6 hand combatives

Round 2: Free work on thai pads. KS holder can also verbal cue for Heel Kick followed up by 6 hand combatives

Outside Defenses 1-5

Hair Grab from Behind

Drill: Monkey in the Middle with groups of 3-4; off angle punches/defending a punch from neutral with Outside Defenses 1-5, Hair Grab from Behind, and all Level 1.

Advanced (C3)

Spinning Outside Slap Kick

Thai Pads

Round 1: Free work using all combinations. On any combination ending in hook (3, 7, 9), Striker adds a Spinning Outside Slap Kick at the end

Round 2: Opposite stance

Round 3: Puke round! 30s power punches, 30s 2 kicks right and 2 kicks left, 30s hook/cross/kick and cross/hook/kick, 30s knees, 30s speed punches

Cavaliers 1-4

Drill: Groups of 3; 2 attackers 1 defender. Attackers can apply any attack from beginner or intermediate curriculum. Defender must make initial portion of defense but instead of follow-up combatives, attempts to use a Cavalier to neutralize the threat.

Knife Defense v. Downward Stab

Drill: A/B Drill: B’s are roaming attackers and can apply any self defense technique from Levels 1-3. A’s finish with a Cavalier. OR B’s can apply Downward Stab.

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