Lesson Plans Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Straight Punches
Front Kick (groin)
360 – include counterattacks, although they do not have to be simultaneous for this level
Choke from the Front (2 hands)
Drill: attacker makes a choke; the defender defends the choke and makes counterattacks; the attacker steps back, then attacks again with ONE 360 attack; the defender defends and continues with counterattacks

Bearhug from Behind – Arms Caught
Headlock from Behind – review from Level 1
Inside Defenses review from Level 1
360 with counterattacks
Drill: attacker makes Bearhug From Behind; as the defender defends, the attacker can EITHER change to Headlock from Behind OR step back, then attack with a straight punch or 360 attack. NOTE: the punches should be made at a slow, safe speed

Headlock from the Side – review from Level 2; practice both sides
Headlock from the Side – spinning inward; practice both sides
Drill: attacker makes Headlock from the Side; defender makes the regular defense HOWEVER the attacker can resist and lean forward. If he does, the defender should roll inward.
Side Control
Escape Side Control by Shrimping
Drill: as above, but if the defender rolls, he should try to get Side Control; the attacker should try to escape

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