Lesson Plans Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Beginner (A3)

Straight Punches

Front Kick Vertical Target

Drill: A/B Drill — one person in the middle, 2 pad holders, one at each end of the room. One holds for punches (A), the other for Front Kick Vertical Target (B); instructor calls out where to go, and the person in the middle sprints there and strikes.

For added difficulty, include a sprawl in the middle of the room every time they run

Ground – Back Position and Movement

Ground – Front Kick

Ground – Get Up

Intermediate (C3)

Thai Pads

Uppercut Punch

Round 1: Combo #8 (Right Uppercut/Left Hook/Cross) and Combo #9 (Left Uppercut/Cross/Left Hook)

Round 2: 8Knee and 9Knee (add opposite knee after combination)

Round 3: Add opposite elbow after combination (8 = Right Uppercut/Left Hook/Cross/Left Knee/Right elbow and 9 = Left Uppercut/Cross/Left Hook/Right Knee/Left Elbow)

Headlock from the Side

Bearhug Front, Arms Caught

Drill: A/B Drill

Advanced (C3)

Axe Kick

Partners; 1 curved kick shield.

Round 1: Basic target recognition for 2 hand combatives, knee, FKVT, round kick, or FKG. Pad holder can hold in any order, but for safety will not hold for the same combative twice in a row.

Round 2: Add axe kick after FKG

Round 3: Add sprawl on instructor’s call. On instructor’s call of “DOWN!” Pad holder drops pad on ground and Striker makes nonstop Ground and Pound strikes until instructor calls “TIME!” Striker and pad holder immediately return to Target Recognition.

Knife Upward Stab

Knife Upward Stab v. Left Handed Attacker

Drill: defender stands with eyes closed; attacker gives verbal signal and attacks with right or left handed upward stab.

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