Lesson Plans Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Grps 2, striker, padholder. Striker lays on belly, eyes closed, face covered. Padholders position somewhere around the room. On GO! strikers get up, find padholder and send all out Straight Punch OR Front Groin Kick, based on instructor’s cue. Reset, repeat for rounds.

Knees w/ Clinch
Ground Back Position
Ground Front Kick
Ground Getup

Grps 2, defender, padholder/attacker. Defender begins on ground. Attacker begins some distance away from feet holding Kick Shield. When the DEFENDER begins to get up, the attacker can advance. Depending on the speed of the attacker, defender my 1: Return to back position/Send Kicks (CAREFUL!), 2: Get up, clinch and knee. 3. Get up and create distance.
Attacker should begin from various distances to test defender’s get up speed and decision making.

W/U DRILL: 1 Minute Drill
Grps 2, padholder, striker. Striker begins sending all out straight punches, sprawls on “DOWN!”, then all out kicks, sprawl again when cued, then all out Elbow 1, repeating this sequence on cue, until a minute has lapsed.

Wrist Releases
Front Kick Vertical Target
Grps 2, defender, attacker. Attacker applies any wrist grab. Defender defends and creates space with Defensive Front Kick.
NOTE: The DFK should not be full power due to making actual contact.

Advanced Technique – Gun Side : In Front of Arm

Grps 2, defender, attacker. Attacker can apply Gun Side. Defender defends. However attacker can use wrist grab defense to interrupt defense. Defender must react, staying out of line of fire while trying to gain control/push pressure on the attacker.

Ground Sparring: 3x1min, beginning in various positions
Cavaliers 1-4
Ground Stomp Defense (Turtle/Cover and Kick Upward)
DRILL: Roaming Attacker/Role Reversal
Defenders, Attackers. Defenders begin neutral stance, eyes closed, hands up. Attackers can apply cavalier to any defender, taking them to the ground. Once on the ground, attacker attempts to send head stomp. Defend and get up. Defender then becomes an attacker and attacker sets up as defender.

Knife Downward Stab

Same as above. However attacker has a knife in waist band. After being kicked off from the stomp, attacker can pull knife and attack as defender is getting up.

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