Lesson Plans Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Beginner (A3)

Front Kick to a Vertical Target

FKVT to Left/Right Combination

FKVT to knee

Target recognition based on the above

Drill: Padholder and striker line up on one end of the mat, with padholders on outside. On “GO!” strikers throw FKVT to pad and try to sprint to other side of room to touch a cone or landmark in the ring. If padholder touches them with pad in both hands before they touch cone, striker does to burpees. If not, padholder does two burpees.

360 defenses

Choke from the Front (2-handed)

Drill: A/B Drill. Roaming attackers can apply Choke from the Front (2-handed) or verbal cue with 360 attack.

Intermediate (C3)

Focus mitts and belly pad

Round 1: free work with basic combinations

Round 2: Add defensive front kick between combinations

Round 3: Add sprawls

Advanced Technique: Gun to the Side, Front of Arm

Advanced (C3)

Focus mitts and (everyone) shin guards

Goal: Working inside a longer/taller attacker

Round 1: Focus on call with hooks and uppercuts, adding in a (controlled) low round kick on holder’s call

Round 2: Whenever pad holder wants, they can throw the medium round kick. Striker performs 2 or 3 point block. Off the lead side they respond with a 9, off the rear side they come back with an 8

Round 3: Pad holder can throw a FKVT. Striker defends, clearing with their lead hand, and responds with a 10 (overhand/uppercut/overhand)

Gun from Behind (Touching)

Drill: A/B/C. A’s can make Low Round Kick, Medium Round Kick, or FKVT. B’s defend. C’s are roaming attackers and can attack any B with Gun from Behind (Touching). B’s make gun defense and immediately return to defending kicks.

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