Lesson Plans Wednesday, September 16, 2015

360 Defenses
Front Groin Kick
Grp 2, Striker/Defender, Padholder. Padholder sends 360 attack by swinging Tombstone. After defending, padholder either holds pad for 4 palm heel strikes + 1 front groin kick OR holds for 1 front groin kick + 4 palm heel strikes. Defender must see hold and react with appropriate combo.

Front Choke w/ Push

Uppercut Punch
Overhand Right
Tombstone. Striker sends any combination of uppercut, straight, overhand strikes, alternating striking hand, attempting to move as fast as possible.

Outside Defense vs. Right Punch

Bearhug Behind (Lifting)

Thai Pad Work: 3×1 min rounds. Build Round House Kicks higher with every round.

Jumping Round Kick
General Defense vs. Medium to High Kicks
Tombstone* Work: 3×1 min rounds. Pad holder can send round house kicks for defense.
*Use tombstone for hooks, uppercuts as well.

Gun from Behind (touching)

Grp 2, padholder, striker/defender. Groups perform same as tombstone work above. Pick a group or two to grab guns and becoming roaming attackers for Gun Behind Touching.

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