Lesson Plans Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Hammerfist Forward/Down

DRILL: Slow & GO!

Grps 2, Padholder, Striker. Striker alternates between sending Hammerfists based on cue of “Slow”=still striking but focusing on form/power and “GO!”=all out burst.

Front Kick Vertical Target

Front Kick Vertical Target + HF Combo

Wrist Releases


Grps 3 Striker, Attacker, Padholder. Striker begins mounted on pad, Attacker standing near, Padholder stands behind Attacker some distance away. On “GO!” Striker sends Ground & Pound to pad. On “UP!” Striker stands and Attacker applies any wrist defense as the Padholder begins to approach. Once wrist is released, Striker should perform FKVT+HF Combo to pad, or alternate combination, depending on distance.



Defensive Front Kick

Grps 2, Padholder, Striker. Striker at one end of room, eyes closed. Padholder approaches from various distance. On “OPEN!” Striker opens eyes and sends DFK to pad.

NOTE: Depending on experience, add in additional counter strikes.

Outside Defense 1-5

Hair Grab Behind

Roaming Attackers. Defenders begin center of room, eyes closed. Attackers can cue verbally for DFK or Outside Defense, or physically with Hair Grab Behind.



Face to Face Throw


360 Review w/ Counters, incorporating Cavaliers where possible.

Knife – Defense vs. Downward Stab (Right AND Left hand attacks)


Roaming Attackers. Attackers cue for Knife Downward Stab.


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