Lesson Plans Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Beginner (A3)

Focus mitts


Knee without clinch

Elbow #1

Combo 1: Left/Right palm strikes, Elbow #1, Lead knee

Combo 2: Left/Right palm strikes, Rear knee, Elbow #1 with lead hand

Basic Ground Position

Front Kick from the Ground

Tactical Get-Up

Drill: Curved kick shield holder lines up on one end of the mat, defender on the other. Attacker throws 20 G&P strikes and runs to defender. Defender is getting up and down properly. If attacker reaches them on the ground, they perform front kick from the ground, get up, and 10 hand combatives standing. If attacker reaches them as they stand, only hand combatives. Two minute round and switch.

Intermediate (C3)

Hook Punch

Uppercut Punch

Focus mitts

Round 1: Basic combinations 1-4 + review retreating punches from Level 1

Round 2: Add combo #8 (rear uppercut/lead hook/cross)

Round 3: On mitt holder’s call of “RETREAT” Striker throws a retreating 8. (Hands and feet should move together on this combination; rear leg steps back as rear uppercut lands, etc.)

Headlock from the Side

Drill: Partners. Attacker with curved kick shield at one end of the mat, throws 20 G&P strikes, then sprints to partner who is waiting with eyes closed and attacks partner with Headlock from the Side. Attacker takes Defender’s place and Defender sprints to pad. Keep switching roles for time.

Advanced (C3)

Jumping Front Kick

Jumping Side Kick

Drill: 4 minute interval round. Partners alternate all-out sprint combatives every 15 seconds. When instructor calls “SWITCH!” partners must immediately switch pads and other person begins striking.

1st 15 second interval: Hand combatives (switch)

2nd 15 second interval: Jumping Front Kick (switch)

3rd 15 second interval: Jumping Side Kick (switch)

4th 15 second interval: 2 punches and a sprawl (switch)

Hip Throw

Face-to-Face Throw

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