Lesson Plans Wednesday October 4, 2017

Beginner (B1)

Fighting Stance


One focus mitt on dominant hand and one curved kick shield, handle held at hip level with one hand for low round kicks. (Ensure students keeping knee bent and pad on top of quad, not at side of knee for safety.)

Round 1: Lead straight punch to rear leg low round kick, Cross to lead low round kick, hook palm to rear leg low round kick

Round 2: Double jab with small bursts left (for righties) to rear leg low round, cross to large step off angle lead leg low round kick

Round 3: No focus mitt. 5 low round kicks right, 1 burpee, 5 low round kicks left—switch. Then, 5 medium round kicks right, 1 burpee, 5 medium round kicks left—switch. Repeat for 3 minutes for max kicks.

Inside Defense v. Straight Punch Low

Drill: On instructor’s “GO!” defender does 3 burpees and stands in neutral stance. When the defender completes burpees, the attacker touches shoulders and/or makes a Straight Punch Low attack OR holds a pad for Punches. Defender makes the appropriate defense or attacks the pad until instructor calls “TIME!” Reset!

Choke from Behind

Drill: Same as above, but attacker can move behind them for Choke from Behind after the last burpee.


Intermediate (D1)

Focus mitts

Round 1: All punch combinations finishing with Forward Headbutt

Round 2: All punch combinations beginning with Forward Headbutt/Elbow #1

Inside Defense v. Straight Punch Low (quick review)

Outside Stabbing Defense v. Front Kick

Drill: Groups of 2. Partners are both touching shoulders and knees, but only A can attempt a Straight Punch Low at any time. If B successfully defends, touching shoulders and knees continues. If A can land Straight Punch Low, B must lean forward and A throws a Front Kick. B defends using Outside Stabbing Defense. 1 minute 90 second rounds. Switch roles and then partners as time allows.

Drill: Groups of 3. Same as previous drill, except C is a roaming attacker and can apply any Level 1 attack from the side or behind on B.


Advanced (D1)

Partner and Kick Shield

Scissor Front Kick

Scissor Round Kick

Combative Stations: Multiple Lines of 4 or so depending on numbers (add G&P to a pad if you need to even the group numbers up). One minute at each station, non-stop, as hard and fast as possible. 10 seconds to transition to next pad. After full rotation, pad holders and strikers switch roles.

Round 1 Stations:

-Straight punches


-Scissor Front Kick


Round 2 Stations:

-2 palms to an elbow

-2 round kicks right/2 round kicks left

-Scissor Round Kick

-2 punches to a burpee

Stick – Overhead Defense

Drill: Attacker Lines. Groups of 4-5. Defender stands at one end of the room, eyes closed in neutral stance. Attackers are in a line at the other end. Attacker at the beginning of the line silently approaches Defender and can apply any Beginner or Intermediate level attack OR verbal cue and then immediately Stick – Overhead Defense. Attacker takes Defender’s place. Defender runs to end of the line. Next person in line is the next Attacker. Have students move through the line very quickly. After a few iterations, mix line order and/or groups.

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