Lesson Plans Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Beginner (B1)

Hammerfist Forward

Round Kick

Elbows 4 and 5

Drill: Pad holder taps Striker with pad, holding while upright for Elbow #4, or pushing Striker slightly forward for Elbow #5. As a follow-up, Pad holder holds pad to chest for 4 forward hammerfists, or steps back and angles pad for a Round Kick followed by 4 forward hammerfists.

Headlock from Behind

Drill: A/B Drill with roaming attackers. Attackers can tap with pad for drill from earlier, or apply Headlock from Behind

Intermediate (D1)

Back Kick

Uppercut Back Kick

Drill: Groups of 3; 1 pair of focus mitts; 1 curved kick shield; 1 striker. Striker throws basic combinations to focus mitts on mitt holder’s call. At any time, curved KS holder can verbal cue and hold for Back Kick or Uppercut Back Kick. After delivering appropriate kick, Striker makes 6 follow up hand combatives to curved KS, and then returns to focus mitts.

Drill: Same as previous drill, except after delivering appropriate kick to curved KS, Striker should use footwork during follow-up hand combatives to stack attackers, moving so curved KS holder is between Striker and mitt holder. After stacking while delivering 6 hand combatives, Striker returns to focus mitts.

Defense v. Hook (extended)

Defense v. Hook (covering)

Choke from Behind with a Pull

Drill: Groups of 3; A attacks B with hook punch. B defends using extended or covering. At any time, C can attack B with Choke from Behind with a Pull.

Advanced (D1)

Overhand Right Punch

Thai Pads

Round 1: Free work with combinations 1-10, no kicks or punches yet. Replace standard cross with Overhand Right Punch.

Round 2: 1Knee-10Knee, replacing standard cross with Overhand Right Punch

Round 3: 1K-10K, standard cross on punch combinations is fine, but follow up every combination with Overhand Right Punch/Left Hook to the body (liver shot)/Right elbow.

Machine Gun Takedown

One Arm Shoulder Throw

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