Lesson Plans Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hammerfist Forward
Hammerfist Down
Grps 2, padholder, striker. All out Hammerfists, on instructor’s cue: “UP!”=standing, “KNEES!”=both kneeling, “BACK!”=striker on back, pad held over for strikes. Rotate through positions.

Ground – Back Position
Ground – Get up
Ground – Round Kick
DRILL: FINAL – Modifed Bull in the Ring
Grps 4: Striker, 3 Padholders. Striker A lies on back, padholders on either side, other padholder standing with tombstone. On “GO!” side padholders cue for Ground – Round Kicks. On “HAMMERS!” 3rd padholder positions pad over striker’s chest for all out HFs. Repeat for time.
Headbutts All Directions
Grps 2: Striker, Padholder
Rnd 1: Padholder moves around striker, cues for headbutt, any direction.
Rnd 2: Same as above, but striker follows headbutt, turning toward padholder and finishing with various strikes to tombstone.

Choke Front Against Wall
Choke Rear Against Wall
Grps 2: Defender, Attacker/Padholder. Defender begins near wall, eyes closed, slowly turning. Attacker can cue with either choke against wall OR pad push into wall, positioning pad for forward or rear headbutt. Defender sends headbutt, turns and finishes.

Spinning Heel Kick
Grps 2: Striker, Padholder
Padholder, with focus mitts cue for either side Spinning Heel Kick. Striker switches feet/sends kick appropriately.

Sliding Defense vs. Spinning Heel Kick
Grps 2: A, B. Determine A/B starts round with Spinning Heel Kick. Other person performs Sliding Defense, then regular sparring, 30s round.

Advanced Gun Behind – Attacker Close/Hug Defense

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