Lesson Plans Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Beginner Class (B1)

Movement-Fighting Stance Moving Forward, Left, Right, Back

Straight Punch with Advance

Straight Punch with Retreat

Round Kick

Drill: Partners; 1 curved kick shield holder; 1 striker. KS holder calls “ADVANCE!” for 6 Straight Punches with Advance and “RETREAT!” for 6 Straight Punches with Retreat. KS holder can also hold for a round kick on either side.

Choke from the Side

Ground – Back Position

Ground – Round Kick

Drill: Groups of 3; 1 KS holder; 1 striker/defender; 1 attacker with second KS. First KS holder repeats calls and hold for combatives drill from earlier. Attacker can either apply Choke from the Side at any time or stand to either side of striker and call “DOWN!” to hold for Round Kick from the Ground.


Intermediate Class (D1)

Headbutt Forward

Side Kick

Advancing Side Kick

Drill: Side Kick Challenge! 2-4 pad holders depending on numbers (choose the largest students to hold), lines of kickers in front of them try to move pad holder back with an advancing side kick

Drill: 1 striker, 1 kick-shield holder, 1 focus mitt holder. Focus mitt holder calls for 1 Headbutt-4 Headbutt, with every combination ending in a Headbutt Forward. Kick shield holder can move to either side of striker and give a verbal cue. Striker throws side kick followed by 6 hand combatives before returning to the focus mitts.

Ground–Forward Roll, Back Fall Break

Drill: Defender stands at one end of the mat with Attacker behind them. A curved KS is positioned directly in front of Defender, either at midway point in the mat or a few feet away. On instructor’s call of “GO!” Defender runs to pad and performs a Forward Roll over it into Back Fall Break. Attacker follows, picks up curved KS and holds for Front Kick from the Ground.

Ground–Trap, and Roll

Drill: Same as previous drill but Attacker can leave the curved KS on the ground, and for safety say “DOWN!” so Defender does not kick them without pad. Attacker gets in mount position and Defender performs Trap and Roll.


Advanced Class (D1)

Overhand Right Punch

Spinning Heel Kick

Focus Mitts

Round 1: Combinations 8 & 9, substituting cross with Overhand Right Punch

Round 2: Combination 10 (Cross/Lead Uppercut/Cross), sometimes replacing one or both crosses with an Overhand Right Punch

Round 3: Combinations 1-10, any combination ending in a lead hook (3, 7, and 9) finishes in a Spinning Heel Kick

Machine Gun Takedown

One Arm Shoulder Throw

Drill: Attacker Lines. Groups of 4-5. Defender stands on crash pad, eyes closed in neutral stance. Attackers are in a line at the other end. Attacker at the beginning of the line silently approaches Defender and can pick up Long Gun and give a verbal cue. Defender performs Machine Gun Takedown. Attacker can also verbal cue for haymaker, making Defender perform One Arm Shoulder Throw. Attacker takes Defender’s place. Defender runs to end of the line. Next person in line is the next Attacker. Have students move through the line very quickly. After a few iterations, mix line order and/or groups.

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