Lesson Plans Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Straight Punches
Advancing Straight Punch
Inside Defenses
Front Choke 1 hand pluck
*Also practice early detection/intercepting the choke

Final Drill:
Defender eyes closed. Attacker can apply front choke for tactile cue. Attacker can also cue verbally to send straight punch or front choke. Defender can use inside defense/intercept choke.

Headbutt forward/up (others if time)
Hook Punch
Hook Defense Covering/Extended
Front Choke Against Wall

Final Drill:
Attacker applies choke against wall. Defender fights of wall trying to work in headbutts, hooks as counters.

Thai Pad Combos:
3×2 min

Overhand Right
Combo #10:
Overhand right, left upper, OH right

Drill: Find Partner + Knees
Striker begins in various positions, kneeling, lying, etc, eyes closed. Pad holder moves somewhere around room. On GO! Striker runs to partner for all out knees.

Stick Def: Downward Swing
Stick Def: Baseball Bat

Final Drill: Cone Swipe
Partners face each other in the center of the room with a cone, water bottle, etc between. Each also has a stick on the ground behind them near the wall. On instructor’s cue, they attempt to grab the object. The person who doesn’t runs to stick and returns to attack. Reset after defense.

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