Lesson Plans Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Palm Heel Strikes
Elbow 1
Front Groin Kick
Build to Combo:
Front Groin Kick + Palm Heel Burst + Elbow 1
DRILL: All Run
Groups of 2, Striker, Padholder. On “RUN!” everyone runs randomly around room. On “GO!” Padholder stops and holds for combo, Striker runs to pad and performs combo. After combo, both resume random run.

Headlock Rear

DRILL – FINAL: All Run/Attack
Groups of 3. Striker/Defender, Padholder, Attacker. Same drill as above, however on “GO!” Attacker can apply Rear Headlock at any point during combo.

360 w/ Counters (Build to include clinch+knees)
Uppercut Back Kick
Groups 2, Striker/Defender, Padholder/Attacker. Defenders neutral, eyes closed. Attacker cues for Uppercut Kick, Striker then orients and Attacker swings pad for 360 Defense/Counters.

Choke Rear w/ Pull
Groups of 2, Defender, Attacker. Defenders neutral/eyes closed. Attacker applies Choke Rear w/ Pull. If possible, Attacker can pull out of defense and attack with 360.

2 Front Kicks w/ Switch
Gun Front – Pushing into Stomach
Gun Front – Attacker Pushing, Slapping, Punching, etc.

Groups of 2. Sixty seconds of free sparring, strip gloves, sixty seconds Gun Defenses. Repeat twice per group, so each can be Defender/Attacker. Switch partners and repeat.

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