Lesson Plans Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Basic Takedown Defense (Changing Height, Moving Feet)
Knees w/ Clinch
Groups 2, Defender, Padholder. Padholder circles Defender, Defender orients staying square to Attacker. Attacker shoots forward trying to put pad against Defender’s hips. Defender defends, clinches and sends a series of Knees.

Hammerfist Side
Roaming Padholders. Defenders neutral, eyes closed. Padholder cues from either side for Side HF. Striker sends, orients for Clinch and sends series of Knees before resetting.

Choke Front w/ Push
Roaming Attackers can cue with Choke, Pad Tap for HF/Knee combo above, or verbal cue/takedown attempt. Defender resets after appropriate reaction.

Ground – Trap and Roll
Ground – Arm Bar from Guard (Flow as finisher to Trap and Roll)
Ground – Guard Reversal (Flow after Trap and Roll, into Mount, repeat)

Groups of 2. One person starting in Mount. First goal is for person on back to Trap and Roll, gaining dominant position. If successful, both partners can then attempt to counter (Arm Bar, if on top, Guard Reversal, if on bottom). Reset after, swapping starting positions.

Sweep w/ Heel Kick
Sweep w/ Forward Kick
Cavaliers (1-4)
Roaming Attackers. Other students spread out in fighting stance. Attackers roam, taking others to the ground using any of the options above.

Knife Upward Stab
If time, escalate to Opposite Hand Holding (Shank Defense)

DRILL-FINAL: Duck, Duck, Krav
Same setup as above, but knives are scattered across floor. Attacker can choose any student to take to ground. After takedown, Attacker scrambles to find a knife and return to attack. Defender must get to feet ASAP to respond to attack.

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