Lesson Plans Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Hammerfist Side
Elbow #2
Rear Headlock
*After practicing the regular defense allow defender to practice intercepting and countering.

Defenders eyes closed. Roaming attackers attempt to apply Rear Headlock. Defender can react ASAP.
Grps 2, some with PH/Striker, others designated as roaming attackers. PH/Strikers work all out Palm Heel strikes. Roaming attackers attempt to apply Rear Headlock. Striker can defend ASAP.

360 w/ Counter
Knife Downward Stab (Focus on 360, counter, wrap)
Trap, Buck & Roll Review
Ground Knife Defense while Mounted

Defenders lying on ground eyes closed. Roaming attackers mount and begin stabbing. Defend and reset.

Grps 2. One partner begins in mount. Goal is to get/maintain dominant position. 10-20s rounds.

Gun Front 2-Hand Technique
Trap, Buck & Roll REVIEW
Ground Gun Defense while Mounted

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