Lesson Plans Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Straight Punches
Palm Strike
Drill: Take It Outside! Find a decent running area. The defender starts out punching. Instructor yells “Sprint!” and both people run. The instructor yells “Punch!” and both must stop so that the defender can punch. Have them stop 3-4 times in a 70 yard run.
Front Kick – include neutral stance and various angles of front kick
Choke Front (1 hand)

Focus Mitt Frenzy!
Include Bob & Weave and Slipping as part of warm up
Combinations 1-4
Drill: Right/Left Hook/bob/Left Hook/Right/bob/Right/Left Hook/bob continuous drill
Combo: slip left/Right Uppercut/
Combo: slip left/Right Uppercut/Right Straight
Combo: slip left/Right Uppercut/Right Straight/Left Hook
Combo: slip left/Right Uppercut/Right Straight/Left Hook/bob/Left Hook/Right Straight

Slow Fighting: open hands, slow motion. For less advanced students, include straights and hooks only, and let them do Inside Defense and 360 from Level 1.

Focus Mitt combo: slip left/Right Uppercut/Right Straight/Left Hook
Knife: upward stab review
Knife: downward stab review
Drill: knife recognition at close range — partner stands close, 50% speed, recognize downward or upward attack at close range and make the defense and counter. After some training, include the whole defense. Then pick up the speed. FOR SAFETY — NO STABS AT THE FACE!

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