Lesson Plans Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Beginner (A3)

Palm Heel Strike

Front Kick to Groin


Partners; Curved Kick Shield

Round 1: Target recognition for 2 Palm Heel Strikes or 1 Front Kick Groin

Round 2: Pad holder can call “TAKEDOWN” at any time. Striker makes Basic Takedown Defense, knee,  and spins on centerline for one more knee

Drill: Multiple Attacker Stack. Groups of 3. 2 pad holders. Defender tries to stack attackers.

Basic Ground Position

Front Kick from the Ground

Round Kick from the Ground

Drill: Multiple Attacker Stack + Ground. Attackers can call “DOWN!”. Defender gets in Basic Ground Position, attacks closest target, grabs leg of defender to side to get up.


Intermediate (A3)

Thai Pads and Shin Guards

Drill: Combinations 1-4 with a kick. Pad holder can throw the low round kick to striker. Striker defends using the shin block.

Drill: Same as previous drill, but after performing shin block, striker touches defending leg down and then launches that same leg to return with a body level round kick to the Thai pads.

Drill: Puke round! 30 seconds power punches Left/Right combination. 30 seconds 2 round kicks right, 2 round kicks left. 30 seconds speed punches.

Bearhug from the Front, Arms Free

Bearhug from the Front, Lifting

Drill: Circle of Death. Break class into small groups of 3 or 4. 1 defender, everyone else is an attacker. Defender stands in neutral with eyes closed. Attackers can apply Bearhug from the Front, Arms Free OR Bearhug from the Front, Lifting OR any Level 1 self defense technique.


Advanced (A3)

Focus mitts; 4 minute rounds

Round 1: Free work on the focus mitts adding Spinning Outside Slap Kick to any combination ending in hook punch (combinations 3, 7, or 9). Show students how to use the hook to cover/distract from initial step across centerline that sets up spin.

Round 2: Focus mitts in opposite stance. Spinning Outside Slap Kick from opposite stance only required for black belts and black belt candidates.

Double Leg Takedown

Hip Throw

Drill: A/B Drill. A’s can attack B’s with any Level 1-3 self defense technique. B’s finish with the initial set up for a Hip Throw when possible/appropriate.

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