Lesson Plans Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Beginner (A3)

Punches-Left/Right combination

Knees (emphasize switch knee and returning to stance)

Elbow 1

Partners; curved kick shield

Round 1: Pad holder calls any number 1-4. Striker throws that number of straight punches, beginning with lead hand.

Round 2: Pad holder calls 1Knee-4Knee. Striker throws that number of straight punches followed by opposite knee, i.e. 1Knee=Jab/Rear Knee, 2Knee=Jab/Cross/Lead Knee

Round 3: Pad holder calls 1Knee-4Knee. Striker throws combination followed by opposite elbow 1, i.e. 1Knee=Jab/Rear Knee/Lead Elbow 1, 2Knee=Jab/Cross/Lead Knee/Rear Elbow 1.

Wrist Releases (emphasize Defender appearing compliant, not showing aggression on release, and making space into a good modified fighting stance)

360 Defense vs. the Haymaker

Drill: A/B Non-compliant attacker. A’s are standing with eyes closed in neutral. B’s can apply wrist release and back off once Defender makes space, verbal cue and then throw Haymaker when Defender’s eyes are open, or apply wrist release and when Defender releases wrist, make Haymaker.

Intermediate (A3)

Uppercut punch

Partners; focus mitts

Round 1: Combinations 7 (Lead hook/Cross/Lead Hook) and 8 (Rear uppercut/Lead hook/Cross)

Round 2: Combinations 9 (Lead uppercut/Cross/Lead Hook) and 10 (Cross/Uppercut/Cross)

Round 3: Combinations 7, 8, 9, 10 + 2UP (Jab/Rear Uppercut) and 3UP (Jab/Cross/Lead Uppercut)

Outside Defense #5

Hair Grab from Behind

Drill: A/B/C. A is holding focus mitts calling combinations from Round 3. B is Striker/Defender. C can verbal cue and throw punch from B’s side for Outside Defense #5, or apply Hair Grab from Behind.

Advanced (A3)

Partner and Kick Shield

1 2 minute round of basic target recognition each: 2 punches, Front Kick Groin, Round Kick, Knee, or Front Kick to a Vertical Target.

Drill: Combative Stations: Multiple Lines of 5 or so depending on numbers (add G&P to a pad if you need to even the group numbers up). One minute at each station, non-stop, as hard and fast as possible. 10 seconds to transition to next pad. After full rotation, pad holders and strikers switch roles.

Round 1 Stations:

-Straight punches


-2 round kicks right, 2 round kicks left

-Two Knees with a Switch

-Two Front Kicks with a Switch for Advanced

Round 2 Stations:

-2 palms to an elbow

-Clinch Knees

-Forward Hammerfists

-Two Back Kicks with a Switch

-2 punches to a burpee

Machine Gun Takedown

One Arm Shoulder Throw

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