Lesson Plans Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Palm Heel Strikes

Elbows 1-3


Grps 3, Pad 1, Pad 2, Striker. Striker begins working L/R PH + R Elbow combo to Pad 1. Pad 2 can cue for Elbow Side or Rear. Striker sends, squares up to Pad 2 and returns to combo on new pad. Repeat for time.

Front Groin Kick

Choke Front 2-Hand


Same as above, but additional person can cue for Elbow/Transition or grab shoulder, turn and apply Choke Front.




Grps 2, Pad, Striker. Pad cues for Front Groin Kick or either side Round Kick along with number 1-3 indicating number of kicks to be sent.

Round Kick Defense (Shin Block)

Round Kick Defense (Catch + Single Leg Takedown, if you don’t know this one, work Absorbing Defense)


Grps 2. Partners take turn sending Round Kicks. Defender should alternate between shin block and catch/takedown.

Ground – Kick Off from Guard

Ground – Arm Bar from Guard


Grp 2. Same as above, but if/after performing Catch/Takedown defense, defender drops into partner’s guard. Person on bottom must return to feet or arm bar. Reset and repeat.

*If not working Catch/Takedown, defender should “fall down” after shin blocking occasionally.



DRILL – WARMUP: 360 Review/Body Hardening

Grps 2. Gloves on. Alternating attack/defense. Attacker sends 360. Defend + Counter with light/medium straight punch. Follow up with various strike combos to finish at a speed allowing actual contact without injuring.

Stick – Overhead Defense

Knife – Downward Stab

*Depending on time, add off-angle OR opposite hand of above attacks.

2 Opponents – Knife and Stick


Grps 3. Attacker 1, Attacker 2, Defender. Defender eyes closed. Attackers begin in various positions with Knife/Stick, giving verbal cue for defender to open eyes and react accordingly. An attacker can also decide to cue with any self defense. After defending, second attacker should attack with knife/stick.

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