Lesson Plans Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Beginner (B3)

Straight Punch

Elbow #4

Hammerfist to the Side
Round Kicks

Tombstone pads

Drill: Striker stands in neutral stance with eyes closed. Partner can give a shove or verbal cue to the side or behind. Striker makes either hammerfist to the side or Elbow #4 depending on target and follows up with 4 straight punches.

Drill: Same as previous drill, but now Striker follows up with 4 straight punches and 2 round kicks

Cash out: 45 seconds each: horseshoe drill

Choke from the Side

Drill – Groups of 3: 1 pad holder moves around and holds for punches or round kicks, 2nd attacker can Choke from the Side or give a shove from the side or behind with tombstone pad for either Hammerfist to the Side or Elbow #4 followed up by 4 straight punches and a round kick.

Intermediate (B3)

Side Kick

Thai Pads

Round 1: Basic combinations with kicks

Round 2: Add Basic Takedown Defense/Spinning on centerline followed up by 2 knees

Round 3: On every combination ending with a hook (3, 7, 9) Striker steps across centerline as if they overcommitted to hook or faked the hook to distract from foot movement and throws a lead leg side kick

Hair Grab from the Side, Impending Knee

Hair Grab from Behind

Drill: Groups of 3: 1 person holding thai pads; 1 defender; 1 attacker. Free work on the thai pads. Attacker can apply Hair Grab from the Side, Impending Knee or Hair Grab from Behind at any time. Defender makes defense and returns back to pad. Have Defender wear gloves to mimic loss of fine motor skill under stress.

Advanced (B3)

Thai Pads

Round 1: Combinations 1-10

Round 2: Double the kick and add sprawls

Hip Throw

Face to Face Throw

Drill: (Ground)Fight Gone Bad. 1 minute per station. 2 students per station to allow for partner work. Students immediately move to their next station with no break, but after they have completed an entire round, they get 1 minute rest. Three rounds of the following

  1. Ground and Pound on dummy or curved kick shield
  2. Hip Throw; 1 for 1 with partner (can just take this to the lift without bringing partner to the ground if only one crash pad)
  3. (On pad) 4 punches to a sprawl, back and forth
  4. Face to Face Throw
  5. (On pad) 2 punches, basic takedown defense, 4 knees, back and forth

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