Lesson Plans Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Beginner (B3)
Straight L&R punches
Palm Heal Strikes
Straight Punch Low
Round Kicks
Drill: 2 ppl/1 punching Shield
5 Rounds
-10 L&R Palm Heel Strike followed by R-Elbow strike
-10 Push Ups
-5 Round Kick Right Leg
-5 Round Kick Left Leg
-10 Assisted Deck Squats
Elbow strike 4-7
Choke from Front (2 Handed)
Choke from Front (1 Handed)
Drill: 2-3 Lines (5 or more ppl on line) *** adjust according to class size
– 1 Defender, everyone else on line is attacking
-Attack one after the other- Choke from front (non-stop)
-Defender- strong and aggressive defense!
-keep the line moving quickly and rotate defenders

Intermediate (B3)
Distance continuum – work combination of front kick, straight punches, elbows, knees, head butts moving into target, and then back out
Side Kick
Defensive Back Kick with a spin
– Add- Turn and get to fighting stance, deliver Straight punch followed by counter attacks
Hair Grab Side, impending knee
Hair Grab Behind
Drill: Groups of 3/Focus Mitts
Pad Holder; Basic combinations
Attacker; at any given time attack Hair Grab side or Behind
Ground-Trap and Roll
Ground- Def. V. Choke Full Mount

Advanced (B3)
Muay Thai Pads: 3 min Rounds/30 Sec Rest
Round 1- Basic Combinations + Kicks- Double up on the last technique
Round 2- Opposite Side/South Paw
– Basic Combinations + Kicks-
Double up on the last technique
Round 3- Basic Combinations-w/Kicks
-Add Sprawl (Change fighting stance after every sprawl)
– Last 30 sec- Non stop kicks (R&L)
Light Sparring Drill:
A) 1 person defends/1 person Attacks
Punches only-
-Moving/Blocking- no counters
Kicks only-
-Moving/Blocking- no counters
B) Light Sparring- Kicks & Punches- Move/Defend and counter
Stick-dead side
Defense v. Bayonet Stab, live and dead side
Drill: 2 ppl
Defender; eyes closed, Attacker; give a verbal cue and attack with Stick-dead side or Defense v. Bayonet Stab, live and dead side

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