Lesson Plans Wednesday, June 12 PADDED ASSAILANT

Palm Strikes
Front Kick (groin)
Combo: right front kick/right knee
Inside Defenses – include general counterattacks (does not have to be simultaneous)
Choke From Behind With A Push
Drill: Padded Assailant attacks against Choke from Behind OR Straight Punch

Focus Mitts: Left/Right/Left Hook/duck under right hook, step left and pivot/Right
Basic Takedown Defense/Spin on the Centerline
Outside Defenses (emphasize #3, rolling the forearm upward)
Bearhug from Behind, Arms Free
Drill: padded assailant can attack from the front with a grab OR make a punch from the side OR attack from behind with Bearhug, Arms Free

Stick Overhead Swing
Stick Baseball Bat Swing
Drill: defend any stick attack v. padded assailant. (NOTE: do NOT make full power elbows or punches to the face plate of the suit. Make light contact or strike the chest. The students CAN give full power knees, etc.)

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