Lesson Plans Wednesday, July 29, 2015

W/U DRILL: Follow the Leader
Groups of 2, standing between borders of small area (between cones, a couple mats, etc.) One designated Leader, other Follower. Leader can shuffle/move between the cones, sprawl, roll, etc. Follower keeps up. Switch for several rounds.

Elbows 1-3
DRILL: Cue & Do
Groups of 2. Padholder, Striker. Striker neutral, eyes closed. Padholder cues for one of 3 elbows. Striker opens, sends and turns toward pad.

Rear Choke
*Spend extra time to emphasize practice to both sides.

Groups of 2. Defender, Attacker. Striker neutral, eyes closed. Attacker can cue with Rear Choke or cue for Elbow + Straight Burst. Can include additional combatives based on Defender’s experience.

W/U DRILL: Cue & Do
Groups 2. Padholder, Striker. Padholder cues for FGK or either side RHK. Start with 1 strike per cue, build to 2…3

Defense v Front Kick (Shin Block)
Defense v Front Kick (Absorb, IF TIME)

Headbutt Forward

COMBO: (Gloves on)
RHK Shin Block + L/R Straight (to partner’s gloves) + Headbutt (to gloves)
*Alternate attacker/striker after each combo.

FINAL DRILL: Trigger Sparring
10-20s Rounds. Each round begins with one person sending RHK, other defending, then free sparring. Alternate beginning attacker each round.

W/U DRILL: Cue & Do
Groups 2. Padholder, Striker. Padholder with focus mitts, holds up either mitt. Striker sees and sends 1 HARD straight punch. Start in fighting stands, eventually hands up/neutral stance, finally neutral stance.

Gun Front
Gun Front w/ Same Side Shoulder Grab (Same as Gun Front)
Gun Front w/ Cross Side Shoulder Grab (Machine Gun Takedown)

FINAL DRILL: Roaming Attacker
Groups 2. Defender, Attacker. Attacker can cue for any above gun attack. Second round, can mix in any attack.

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