Lesson Plans, Wednesday, July 22, 2015

W/U DRILL: Bull in Ring : Punches
Striker stands in the middle of 2-4 padholders. Padholders cue for striker to send all out strikes to their pad, turning if necessary.
Basic Takedown Defense (Changing height, moving feet)
Grps 2: Def, Atk. Def eyes closed. Atk cues from various distances before attempting takedown.

Knees w/ Clinch
Same as above, but after defending takedown, Def sends knees.

Wrist Release Defenses

Def neutral, eyes closed. Atk can cue with wrist grab or shoot in for takedown.

Basic Takedown Defense
Simple Takedown Defense
Def eyes closed. Atk cues from various distance. Defend if possible, or get taken down.

Bearhug Front – Arms Free (Leverage on Neck)
Ground – Guard Defense (Leverage on Neck)
*Same “hug and peel” as bearhug, peel head to ground and roll into mount.

Def eyes closed. Atk can cue with bearhug or cue for takedown. If taken down, defender can use Guard Defense to gain dominant position.

Striker places padholder in Muay Thai clinch and sends light/fast alternating knees. On instructor’s “HIT!” striker sends next knee full power, returns to light/fast strikes. Repeat for several rounds. End with GO! GO! GO! for all out knees.

360 Defense w/ Counter (Focus on Lower attacks)
Knife Defense v. Upward Stab
Knife Defense v. Upward Stab (Shank Defense)
*Attacker grabs shirt with opposite hand and stabs repeatedly. Defender defends stabs, performs elbow pull and moves to dead side.

Headgear and gloves on. Attacker attacks with shank attack. Defender can actually send counters to head before elbow grab.
NOTE1: Due to gloves, attacker will have to grab shoulder versus shirt.
NOTE2: Defender may not get as good a grip on elbow, but should still work.

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