Lesson Plans Wednesday, July 1, 2015

FINAL DRILL: Bull in Ring
Grp 4-5. Striker + 3 Kickshield Holders + 1 Focus Mitt Holder (if available). Striker lays in Back Position with a KS holder positioned to each side and the front. Padholders cue and striker sends Front or either Side Kick to pad. If available, FM holder paws at striker’s head to keep covered. On “UP!” striker must get up appropriately and exit.

-Shoulder Tap
-Alternating Bob & Weave
-Alternating Slipping

Front Kick w/ Advance Neutral (Review)
Front Kick Defense – Redirecting
Ground – Side Choke

A-Front Kick, B-Redirects, Rear Sweep (or just pull to ground), Ground Side Choke, A: Defend Side Choke. Repeat starting with B kicking.

FINAL DRILL: Roaming Attacker
Defender eyes closed. On attacker’s cue, open eyes defend FGK and continue through above flow. Reset after attacker defends Ground Side Choke.

10-20 second rounds:
-1 vs 1
-2 vs 1
-2 vs 2

Straight Punch Low Defense (Review)
Knife Defense – Straight Stab
Stick Defense – Off Angle

FINAL DRILL: Roaming Attacker
Defender, boxing gloves on, eyes closed. Attacker cues for any attack above. Defend must defend, but gloves will make control/disarm more difficult. Will have to rely on forward pressure/striker to pacify attacker.

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